Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Choo Choo Train

I got the idea from one of my son's favorite series, the character a cute little lamb made a train from used box to play with his friends...

I tried to make one for my son, from a used box I found at home. My son help painted the box with paints left from pinata making (it's very useful in making him occupied while I do some chores around the house). Then to hang the box between the shoulder, I cut one used plastic bag into long strips, punch 4 holes through the box and insert the plastic strips

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Birthday Mickey theme

I have long curious about PINATA, it looks like so much fun to have one in Birthday Party. But, since I’m a working mom, I don’t have the time to make one myself and the one I found at a store is really pricey.
At last, after much research (Thanks to Google and the blogger) I found detailed step by step guides, simple and easy enough for me to follow. And so, after gathering much courage and enough will power, I spent a little time to make a Pinata for my son 5th birthday party.

I decided to go with Mickey Mouse themed birthday party, with homemade cake, homemade goodie bag and homemade piƱata.

And I’m pleased with the result :)

I found a simple Mickey cake from the net (so sorry for the blogger, I couldn’t find it anymore), and with a lot of help from my mum (she made the cake for her grandson, thanks a lot mum!), below is the result.

On the left side is the photo I found on the net, and on the right side is the one my mum made :)

To match with the cake, again with the ideas from the net, I bought some brown bag and some origami paper. I downloaded Mickey template, and make Mickey head from black and red origami paper, then glued it onto the brown bag. So, with some help from my boy, VOILA! The goodie bag is ready :)

After the mess and the stress, it’s really paid off to see the smile on my boy face saying “I’m so happy, thank you mum”

And now... my mind is full with so many ideas I found on Pinterest, and I eagerly awaits for another birthday party to be plan, I love crafts :)