My Thoughts

Phew... Just had one of those life changing events in life, the one that rocks you to the core, shake you and scratch your heart and soul.
It will leave a mark, somehow, someway...
Although it shocked, it hurts and it leave you numb, just be grateful for the chance to be able to experience it, cause it means that God love you and never forsake you, He is a faithful God.
But in the end, if God permits you to experience those events, He will also strengthens you to endure it.
God only wants to see how your responded to those life trials and tribulations. When you responded the way God wants you too, He will be your shield, He will defend you and go against your opponents, with God by your side you will rise up triumphantly.We will soar high as if on eagles wings, save in the hands of God.
Forgiveness is not an easy task, it depends on your choices alone...
 (And I am learning to choose to forgive, with God's grace...).

So just respond the God's way!!!

Forgiving you is my gift to you
Moving on is my gift to myself

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